Honest to honest, open to open, real to real!
Been a while since you met really honest people? Seeking security and significance in your life?
Welcome to London First Disciples! We are a church who values God-centeredness and self-denial in the pursuit of the five purposes of the church ? Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship,
Ministry and Evangelism.
If you are looking for a church where you can grow as a disciple of Christ and a leader of the future in an environment with honest people, clear purposes and effective strategies, I invite you to this authentic community of LFD where people share their whole life, not part of it.
Ready to be honest to honest people?
We’re here for you for the new life journey you’re about to take!
MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to re-form each individual into the likeness of Jesus Christ.
icon_07.gifCORE VALUES
1. Pure love for God.
2. Liberating Truth
3. Community (1Corinthians 12:14-27)
4. Communication (Ephesians 4:15; Nehemiah 2:3-8)
5. Courage & Honesty
6. Connection before Performance (John 15:5; 1Corinthians 12:14-27)
7. Life-style Discipleship
8. Omnipotent prayer (Matthew 7:7-8; Jeremiah 33:3)
9. Creativity (Genesis 1:27-28)
icon_07.gifWhat’s LFD?
1. What does LFD stand for? London First Disciples. We are the English Ministry of the London First Korean Presbyterian Church. We have three departments within LFD: Hi-C (grade 7 to 12), IMPACT (grade 13 to before marriage), and Families (married couples).

2. What is the mission of LFDisciples? In other words, why do we do what we do?
We exist to re-form each individual into the likeness of Jesus Christ. In order to fulfill this mission, we do many things the most powerful of which is the LFD Discipleship Training. This training is available for all LFDs from grade 7 to adults.
All LFDs are strongly encouraged to participate in the discipleship training. This is the gem of LFD for you. Attending LFD worship services is good. If you don’t participate in the discipleship training, however, you’re missing the best of LFD. So why don’t you accomplish your purpose for which you come to LFD?

3. How many regular meetings do you have? O, that’s a good question!!
- Firstly, we have the Sunday morning worship experience at 11 o’clock. That’s for Hi-C, IMPACT, Families, everybody!
- There is another everybody-worship gathering. That is Friday Niter on Friday at 6:30 p.m. We sing many more songs than we do on Sunday. Following the praise
and worship, there are snacks and Friday School or LFD monthly outing (fourth Friday of the month). LFD breaks into a few groups for the Friday School.
- Families meet every Wednesday quite late, at 8:30. We have three couples (six people) at the moment but expect more to join soon. People grow, fall in love and get married, right?

4. Ok, so far we’ve told you who we are. Now, tell us a couple of things about you.
Where are you from? What is your favorite food? What do you think is the most important thing in life and why?
icon_07.gifContact info
Rev. Youngho Yoon (519) 685-9910 pastor@lfdcc.ca
Namwoo Kim (519) 709-9899 supervisor@lfdcc.ca
Vivian Wong (519) 852-3988 communicationteam@lfdcc.ca
Peter Jeon (519) 902-1501 fellowshipteam@lfdcc.ca
Areum Kim (519) 777-9943 financeteam@lfdcc.ca
Jason Chung (519) 619-7961 hi-c@lfdcc.ca
Tim Song (519) 639-7559 impact@lfdcc.ca
John Park (226) 678-2773 prayerteam@lfdcc.ca
Jonathan Chang (226) 268-3171 overflow@lfdcc.ca
Sam Lee (519) 719-9811 worshipteam@lfdcc.ca