2018.06.02 22:18

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SCRIPTURE (본문 말씀) Matthew 25:14-30


"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in

its various forms."

1 Peter 4:10


Today, when we say that someone is talented, we are usually talking about a special ability, perhaps in playing a musical instrument, or drawing, or even someone who is especially good at sports. We all know someone who is talented. But in Jesus' time, a talent was actually a large sum of money.

It was equal to about two years of wages.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get that much money as a birthday gift?

What would you do with it?

Jesus told a parable using the talent as a symbol of great fortune, but not of money—instead as a special gift from God.

Just as the word “talent”  appears a lot of times, God also generously gives talents to all of His children.

He never holds back His special gifts.

Your special talent may not be sports or playing an instrument or singing, but you do have some.

Everybody has been given some gift from God

It may be caring for others, serving, praying, or perhaps simply being a good friend when someone is in need.

We can either waste the gifts God gives us by passing up opportunities to use them, or use them every chance we can to further the Kingdom of God.

If we just waste them, they may disappear altogether.

Just remember the servants in our parable, and you will know what to do.