With God all Things Are Possible

2017.04.12 16:44

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With God all Things Are Possible

SCRIPTURE (본문 말씀) Genesis 41:37-45


“I cannot do it,” Joseph replied to Pharaoh, “but God will give Pharaoh the answer he desires.” Genesis 41:16



Have there been times in your life when all seemed impossible?

When things get hard?

Let’s look at Joseph’s life and be encouraged.

How many obstacles were between Joseph and the promise of the dreams he had as a youth?

  1. he was a slave,
  2. he was in prison,
  3. he was in a foreign country,
  4. the cup bearer had forgotten him,
  5. he only had one apparent "talent" from God, he was young...) 

How long did it take God to overcome all those obstacles? (1 day).

We should remember Joseph when the odds seem against us in life.

God will still work his plan, and he can overcome all obstacles.



1. Who should we give credit for our talents, abilities?

2. What should we do when we recognize God's work in someone else? (help them, praise God)

3. What should we do when it seems God's plan isn't working? (be patient, pray)

4. When we know times of trouble are coming, how should we prepare? (keep our hearts pure of bitterness, study and pray)

5. What did the dreams mean? (famine would follow plenty)

6. What did Joseph advise that Pharaoh do? (appoint a man to store up food while they had it)

7. Why did Pharaoh appoint Joseph? (he saw that he was wise and that God was with him)